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"Living in an apartment had been a true challenge until I hired Lisa as a consultant. After rearranging furniture, purging the drawers and closets of clothing, shoes and accessories, Lisa transformed each cluttered space to create real functional order. She maximized all spaces with sensible accessories without any contraction of the room. The icing on the cake? I finally have a desk that functions—with files, folders, and a place for everything!"
Upper East Side Socialite, NYC

“I was a hoarder, with overcrowded rooms filled with magazines, newspapers, cosmetics and too much clothing. My new home had become cluttered within the first year. After two years I decided to bring Lisa into my life. Within two months a massive cleanup was undertaken in every room — and it has changed my life forever. I learned two things from my experience: I should have started this process long ago; and Lisa Jacobs is a lifesaver!”
Luxury Midtown High Rise Owner, NYC

“To be organized by Lisa is as necessary as the economy needs cash. Until I met Lisa the job of organizing was my worst nightmare. Now, after my years of procrastinating, Lisa has worked wonders; she has transformed every room, converting them from cluttered spaces to functional, sensible rooms. Her organizational methods, makeover decorating and training my housekeeper have made Lisa indispensable in our home.”
Roslyn Homeowner, NY

"Hi Lisa, how are you? I just want to say hello and tell you how much you've helped me. So many great tips come into my head during the day while i'm around the house, packing or planning and always smile when I think of you."
Gramercy Park Stylist, NYC